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1970 - Allan worked at Texas Instruments in Houston, Texas, but later that year he started out as a mechanic at a local car dealership in Rosenburg, Texas. He would carry his tool box with one hand and off he went to start a new career. After some time had passed, he saved up money and bought himself a “real tool box” from Sears; he was so proud that his tool box sat in the living room like a piece of furniture.
1972 - Allan moved back to Victoria to work at Leonard Kovar Ford, Walt Nicol Volkswagen, and finally Atzenhoffer Chevrolet. Allan had mechanics in his blood; he truly had a talent to put cars back together and at a speed that was unbelievable.
1977 - After working at Atzenhoffer and having a shop of his own to do side jobs, Allan decided to go into the automotive repair business. Mechanic work was hard work and often required late hours. Many of his disabled vehicles were brought in for repair by a local wrecker company. Allan, being the person that he is, saw the opportunity to try something new. So he purchased a truck from a local man,  Mr. Leeper,  and custom-built his own wrecker bed for it. He worked hard for everything that he had, nothing was given to him. He was a threat to the other wrecker services being a young 27-year-old man with lots of ideas.
1978 - Allan is now the owner of Allan’s Wrecker Service with his homebuilt Chevrolet wrecker, a Holmes 440, Holmes 480 and a Holmes h475 with a wheel lift-- it was the first wheel lift wrecker In Victoria.
1979 - Then came his first heavy-duty 1953 Peterbilt with a Holmes 750 bed. He didn’t even know how to drive it, but Billy Cochrum showed him how. He ran the business from his house with a shop right next to it. By this time, he was in the wrecker business full-force. He received his railroad permit and fought to be the only wrecker service to have the authority to tow in and out of Victoria County within a 50-mile radius. He also had an advantage on his side: he had the ability to work on his own trucks if they were to ever break down.
1981 - Allan bought (#6) the first hydraulic heavy-duty wrecker for Victoria and himself. It was a 1978 Ford L9000 with a Challenger 5800.
1984 - Allan’s Wrecker Service found its new home. It was a five-acre lot with a shop at 2103 Dudley Street.
1986 - Allan bought his first brand-new wrecker, a Ford F-350 with a century wrecker bed and wheel lift. Also, he bought the first rollback wrecker for Victoria—“a Chevrolet one ton with an aluminum bed.”
1987 - Allan bought airbags to recover loaded tractor trailers while minimizing damage to the casualty. Yet another first for Victoria.
1988 - Allan made a homemade heavy-duty wrecker out of a 1982 Peterbilt and a sling style oilfield bed.
1991 - A new Ford F-450 super duty with a Jerr-Dan twin-line bed and wheel lift was bought.
1993 - The first medium-duty rollback was bought.
1997 - One of his first big purchases was made: a 1990 Kenworth W900 (#30) with a new Century 5030 heavy-duty wrecker bed,
1998 - A new 1998 Chevrolet C-6500 (#31) was bought with a Jerr-Dan 22-foot steel rollback bed, which is still used today.
2003 - Allan’s Wrecker Service had a huge hurdle to overcome. Allan was doing a recovery of a end-dump trailer that had struck a guardrail and knocked the rear axle sideways under the trailer. Allan responded to the scene with our heavy-duty Kenworth (#30). He put a snatch block in each of the lines to be on the safe side and proceeded to lift the rear of the trailer to remove the rear axle. After the axle was removed and Allan was about to let the trailer down, one of the snatch blocks failed because of a defect. This made the trailer drop down on one side and pull the wrecker over on its side landing on a crew cab service truck. We went straight to work with (#35) a 2001 Peterbilt 379 with a Vulcan V-70 bed that we had at the shop. The insurance company told us if we claimed this on our insurance we wouldn’t be able to afford the increase in rates, so we went down the road without a claim and paid everything out of pocket.
2006 - Allan’s Wrecker Service bought a new Ford F-650 rollback.
2007 - Allan’s Wrecker Service bought Another Ford F-650 rollback.
2008 - A new Kaylin Seibert slide axle trailer was bought to transport things that were not road worthy. Along with another Ford F-650 rollback.
2009 - Allan bought his first brand-new heavy-duty wrecker (#52), a 2008 Kenworth T-800 three-axle truck with a Vulcan V-100 three stage boom and euro under reach, along with opening up new locations in Goliad, Refugio, and Cuero, Texas.
It has been a long road for Allan’s Wrecker Service, but we have made it through the tough times and it has been great in the good times. Many people wouldn’t have thought a little boy from a small town called Bloomington, Texas, would have made so much from so little, but with hard work and treating everyone fair, Allan has grown from 1 homebuilt wrecker to a fleet of 33 and growing.

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